An Ecosystem Of

Passionate Minds

Lead by Dr. Ben Goertzel, our team includes seasoned engineers, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and marketers. As befits the decentralized nature of our mission, we are a widely distributed operation, with a head office in Hong Kong, satellite offices in St. Petersburg (Russia), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Bangalore (India) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), and a large number of staff collaborating via Internet from other locations.

Our platform team and core AI team is complemented by specialized teams devoted to application areas such as robotics and biomedical AI. Our robotics work is carried out in close collaboration with Hanson Robotics, the world’s leading humanoid robotics company, and a co-founder of SingularityNET. Our Ethiopia team focuses a portion of its time on applications of AI to aid the developing world, but currently has a greater focus on assisting with OpenCog, biomedical and computer vision applications.

Founding Team

Dr. Ben Goertzel

CEO & Chief Scientist

Simone Giacomelli


Dr. David Hanson


Executive Team

Dr. Ben Goertzel

CEO & Chief Scientist

Cassio Pennachin

Chief AI Officer

Alberto Wisbeck

General Manager

Dr. Hilen Amin

VP of Solutions

Raam Baranidharan

VP of Engineering


Dr. Youngsook Park

Head of Millenium Project Korea & SingularityNET Korea

Graham Leach

Remediare Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Trent McConaghy

BigchainDB CTO
Blockchain Luminary

Arif Khan


Simone Giacomelli

Chief Blockchain Advisor

Massimiliano Caruso

Lawyer, founder and managing partner at SINGULANCE

Edward Vali

General Partner
Accelerate Venture Partners


Artur Gontijo

Dr. Anton Kolonin

Dr. Deborah Duong

Dr. Alexey Potapov

Dr. Nil Geisweiller

Dr. Matt Ikle

Dr. Shujing Ke

Kabir Veitas

Ramon Duraes

Vitaly Bogdanov

Andre Senna

Nejc Znidar

Dr. Sergey Rodionov

Marco Argentieri

Dr. Innokentiy Zhdanov

Dr. Maxim Peterson

Alexander Scherbatiy

Glauter Lemos


Ibby Benali

Tim Richmond

Daria Ossiptsuk

Daria Ossiptsuk


Phyon Lau

Camila Froede

Biomedical Applications Team

In partnership with Mozi Health

Kent Zaitlik

Hedra Yusuf

Lin Zheng

Michael Duncan

Abdulrahman Semrie

Enkusellasie Wendwosen

SingularityNET Ethiopia Team

In partnership with iCog Labs, Addis Ababa

Getnet Aseffa

Bitseat Tadesse

Dagim Sisay

Betelhem Dessie

Eskender Besrat

Eskender Tamrat

Kasim Ebrahim

Meareg Hailemar

Simon Mekit

Mitiku Yohannes

Hana Sinishaw

Israel Abebe

Tensae Berhan

Tesfa Yohannes

Yenatfanta Shifferaw

Yidnekachew Wondimu

Solomon Molla

Character AI

Dr. Ruiting Lian

Man Hin Leung

Amen Belayneh

Lake Watkins

Liza Lichtinger

Andres Suarez

Misgana Bayetta

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