Platform Roadmap


SingularityNET lets anyone create, share, and monetize AI services at scale. It's a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol. The SingularityNET platform is the core infrastructure that allows the network to function. AI services will use this platform infrastructure to communicate and transact. The roadmap below outlines our development progress for each network component. You can now use the world’s first decentralized AI marketplace on the Ethereum Mainnet using our native AGI utility token.

Beta v3

We outline our plans for the Beta v3. Various technical upgrades and implementations to the Beta will allow for easier onboarding of AI developers, comprehensive AI service deployment and easy enterprise access to community-built services.

.20, Alpha
.40, Beta v1
.60, Beta v2
.80, Beta v3

Request for AI Portal

The RFAI will allow users to request for AI services which they would like to see built and deployed onto the SingularityNET Network.

Users will also be able to back an existing request by committing AGI tokens to reward the successful development of a predefined service.

SingularityNET comes to mobile devices

Java and Android SDKs for Mobile

Documentation on AGI token staking

Documentation on how it will work, both from the staker's perspective, and from the back-end view in which staked tokens are used to support the fiat-crypto gateway to be launched in June.

Major Update of Developer Portal

Update the content as well as the look and feel of the Developer portal

Staking for AGI tokens begins

Release of staking smart contract and DApp

Launch of AI Publisher Portal

A new site embodying a systematic and easy-to-use process for submitting new AI algorithms, products, and services to be listed on the SingularityNET Marketplace directory

First SingularityNET AI Algorithm/Model Developers Online Hackathon

Inviting hackers, students and professional developers around the world to help the ensemble of AI algorithms and models on the platform. Grow and leverage this new channel to disseminate and monetize their code.

Flexible pricing models

Release of smart contracts supporting subscriptions, tiered prices, bulk discounts, etc.

First SingularityNET AI Product/Service Developers Online Hackathon.

Inviting product and service developers to explore how SingularityNET's AI tools can enhance their products' intelligence. Watch the array of products back-ended on the platform's AI tools increase!

Portal for SingularityNET Enhancement Proposals (SNEPs)

Similar to RFAI portal but focused on platform improvements and extensions rather than AI tools. It's time to get the community more fully involved in improving and extending the platform. It takes a global decentralized community to build a decentralized global brain.

Second half of the fiat-to-crypto gateway

This enables AI service providers to receive payment in fiat. Now both AI service developers and users will be able to interact with the platform using either fiat or AGI token depending on their taste with AGI token used in every case on the back end. The tokenomic mechanics of the gateway will be enabled by staked AGI tokens.

Later in 2020

Software Development Toolkit Expansion

Releasing our Swift SDK.

Enhanced Daemon

  • Expanding the Daemon's functionality by adding auto-recovery, Operator UIs and Asynchronous Requests.

  • Support for different storage systems beyond just etcd

Daemon Service Mesh

Develop an inter-service communication infrastructure using daemons to enable the API of API use case. This will be released along with a whitepaper focused on the use case.

Embedded Daemon

Enhance the daemon so it can run on embedded hardware. This feature is set to unseal a whole new dimension for the SingularityNET network, namely, the Internet of Things (IoT). The set of applications for AI agents will expand to new territories (physical products) and we can’t wait to see what the community will come up with.

Integration of the reputation system

A new reputation system including a reputation dashboard allowing users to browse reputations of different services, authors and users. Last year we created detailed simulations of our weighted liquid rank reputation system; as usage of the platform grows during 2020, there will be increasing need for sophisticated reputation and ranking and the reputation system will be released into the platform.