The SingularityNET platform is the core infrastructure that allows AI services to communicate and transact. The roadmap below outlines our development progress for each platform component as we build toward our goal of globally democratizing access to AI services.

  • Beta V3
  • Request for AI Portal

    Status: Done

    The RFAI will allow users to request for AI services which they would like to see built and deployed onto the SingularityNET Network.

    Users will also be able to back an existing request by committing AGI tokens to reward the successful development of a predefined service.

  • SingularityNET comes to mobile devices

    Status: Done

    Java and Android SDKs for Mobile

  • Documentation on AGI token staking

    Status: Done

    Documentation on how it will work, both from the staker's perspective, and from the back-end view in which staked tokens are used to support the fiat-crypto gateway to be launched in June.

  • Major Update of Developer Portal

    Status: Done

    Update the content as well as the look and feel of the Developer portal

  • Staking for AGI tokens begins

    Status: Done

    Release of staking smart contract and DApp

  • Launch of AI Publisher Portal

    Status: Done

    A new site embodying a systematic and easy-to-use process for submitting new AI algorithms, products, and services to be listed on the SingularityNET Marketplace directory

  • Second half of the fiat-to-crypto gateway

    Status: To Do

    This enables AI service providers to receive payment in fiat. Now both AI service developers and users will be able to interact with the platform using either fiat or AGI token depending on their taste with AGI token used in every case on the back end. The tokenomic mechanics of the gateway will be enabled by staked AGI tokens.

  • Later in 2020
  • Flexible pricing models (Subscriptions)

    Status: To Do

    Support for capturing Licenses on the blockchain and pricing based on the License agreements. Currently, AI consumers pay per call for a service. We want to extend this and provide additional options such as subscriptions where customers pay on a fixed cadence for the use of a service..

  • Support for Concurrent Calls

    Status: To Do

    Initiate concurrency support into the Daemon and other clients like SDK / SNET-CLI. An important feature that strengthens the ability of users of the platform to interact with AI agents multiple times simultaneously, greatly enhancing the overall usability and capabilities of the platform.

  • SNEPs (SingularityNET Enhancement Proposals)

    Status: To Do

    SingularityNET Enhancement Proposals will be focused on platform improvements and extensions. Similar to the RFAI portal but specifically focused on enhancing the community’s ability to further improve our platform. SNEP will be set up as a GitHub repository with contributions in the form of Pull Requests. The first proposals that are to be worked on are:

    Embedded Daemon
    SDK Enhancements

  • Swift SDK

    Status: To Do

    The Release of our Swift SDK to enable developers to build native iOS apps for Apple devices that make calls to the platform, opening a huge market opportunity for service providers to generate calls by directly accessing the 1.4 billion IOS users around the world.

  • Enhanced Daemon

    Status: To Do

    Expanding the Daemon’s functionality by adding auto-recovery, Operator UIs and Asynchronous Requests. Support for different storage systems beyond just etcd, further strengthening the SingularityNET platform and creating a more compelling environment for developers to take advantage of.

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