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SingularityNET lets anyone create, share, and monetize AI at scale. The world’s public AI network has arrived.

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SingularityNET is the global networking protocol for AI algorithms and models. By combining open source principles, blockchain integration, and leading minds in machine learning we will make AI a global commons for all.

Access a global library of AI tools and use SingularityNET to build whatever you can imagine.

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Ben Goertzel


Simone Giacomelli


Cassio Pennachin


Mitchell Loureiro

Community Lead


David Hanson

Robotic Leads

Jim Rutt

former CTO - Thomson-Reuters

Eberhard Schoeneburg

AI expert

Trent McConaghy

CTO @ BigchainDB

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SingularityNET was born from a collective will to democratize the power of AI. Sophia, the world’s most expressive robot, is one of the first use cases. Today she leverages multiple linked AI modules to see, hear, and respond empathetically.

In the future many of the AI modules underlying Sophia will be available on SingularityNET.

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BitSpace Partners With SingularityNET to Advance Blockchain & AI Innovation

With our development team hard at work, we are now focused on expanding the public’s awareness of SingularityNET faster than ever before. To do this, we’re partnering with world-class organizations with deep, existing networks of early-adopters.

SingularityNET Tech Update 5.0

In our last developer update, we highlighted how 2018 will be a pivotal year for SingularityNET. In January, we closed several exciting partnerships targeting high-growth industries.

SingularityNET Integrates Aigents Social Intelligence Services, Creating Significant First-Mover Advantage

What is intelligence? Is it only a property of self-aware beings? Is it built-in or has it evolved through interactions with the surrounding environment?

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