The Decentralized Marketplace for AI

The future will rely on AI. SingularityNET lets anyone create, monetize, and use AI at scale. From the creators of Sophia the Robot.

Latest Updates

1 MARCH 2018 -Working together to create awareness of open and decentralized AI blockchains.#
BitSpace Partners With SingularityNET to Advance Blockchain & AI Innovation

With our development team hard at work, we are now focused on expanding the public’s awareness of SingularityNET faster than ever before. To do this, we’re partnering with world-class organizations with deep, existing networks of early-adopters.

22 FEBRUARY 2018 -Launching the SingularityNET Research Program + accessing the Kovan Network...#
SingularityNET Tech Update 5.0

In our last developer update, we highlighted how 2018 will be a pivotal year for SingularityNET. In January, we closed several exciting partnerships targeting high-growth industries.

17 FEBRUARY 2018 -We’re making it possible for any non-professional user to create, and launch their own AI .#
SingularityNET Integrates Aigents Social Intelligence Services, Creating Significant First-Mover Advantage

What is intelligence? Is it only a property of self-aware beings? Is it built-in or has it evolved through interactions with the surrounding environment?

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The decentralized marketplace for AI

The future will be run on AI. SingularityNET lets anyone monetize AI, allowing companies, organizations, and developers buy and sell AI at scale. From the creators of Sophia the Robot.

The Problem with AI nowadays

Experts estimate that AI market will increase from the $200 billion it is valued today to $3.1 trillion by 2025, but serious roadblocks remain. Today, AI functionality is expensive, time-consuming, and hard to use.

No communication

There is no way for AI communicate data to each other and coordinate processing. Everything has to be done manually and is really expensive.


No AI discovery

There is no way to find AI services, nor any way to judge the quality of an AI service without using it. This creates unnecessary risk.


Expensive to Use

There are few people who can create AI, connect it to others, and take it to market. This makes AI too expensive, and too complicated, for most organizations.

Solutions to these problems enable the creation of trillions of $US in value.

Introducing SingularityNET

SingularityNET is the protocol specifically designed to solve these problems while opening the AI market to the entire world. SingularityNET enables AI-as-a-service on a permissionless platform, so that anyone can use AI services easily.

Communication via AI Wrapping

By wrapping each AI algorithm, we create a simple protocol for exchanging data and coordinating processes between AI, solving the communication problem.


A Global AI Economy for All

The AI to AI economy takes form on the SingularityNET market, where any AI service can be discovered and purchased.


Automation in a Box with AI Linking

By making it easy for AI services to be linked together, the SingularityNET market can offer automation-in-a-box at ultra low costs.

SingularityNET is the solution, enabling creation and capture of a $3 trillion economy by 2024.

How the mind of Sophia lives in SingularityNET

Case Study: How Sophia the Robot Works

Sophia, brought to life by our founding partner, Hanson Robotics, is the world's most expressive humanoid robot. Her proprietary software, firmware, and hardware makes her nearly impossible to replicate. With SingularityNET, anyone could access Sophia's mind on demand.

Sophia uses dozens of algorithms, many of which are licensed from third parties. Today, integrating extern AI resources and functionality is slow, costly, and simply too difficult for most organizations. AI developers, including the hundreds that we work with, are demanding better ways to access and integrate AI technologies. SingularityNET is designed to meet that demand, providing the only protocol for AI to AI communication, transaction, and market discovery.

Soon, Sophia's entire mind will live on the network, letting her learn from every other AI in the SingularityNET. And the whole world will be able to talk to her.

SingularityNET Team

Dr. Ben Goertzel
CEO, Chief Scientist
Dr. David Hanson
Robotics Lead
Cassio Pennachin
Sophia Hanson
Chief Humanoid
  • 50+ AI Developers
  • 10+ PhDs

Business Advisors

Tal Ball
CTO of Build Direct
Trent McConaghy
CTO of BigchainDB
Jim Rutt
ex-CTO of Thomson-Reuters
Eberhard Schoeneburg
AI Advisor

Blockchain Team

Mitchell Loureiro
Marketing Lead
Simone Giacomelli
Blockchain Lead
Marco Argentieri
Blockchain Developer
Sam Lee
Business Lead

AI Advisors

Dr. Linas Vepstas
AI Research Scientist
Dr. Nil Geisweiller
AI Research Scientist
Dr. Alexey Potapov
AI Research Professor
Dr. Eddie Monroe
AI Developer

The AGI Token

SingularityNET is powered by the AGI token, which makes the decentralized economy possible. The AGI token also solves the Assignment of Credit Problem, allowing us to quantify the value an AI agent brings to the market. This problem is the first step toward creating Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and the AGI token makes this breakthrough possible.

Global Payments

The AGI token lets anyone transact AI services globally, without censorship or exclusion.


A Motivated Market

The AGI token incentivizes network participates to help the best AI services get discovered and improve the network.


An AI to AI Industry

The AGI token makes global AI to AI microservices industry come to life, allowing organizations to buy processing on demand.


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