A Platform for the Decentralized AI Economy

The free and open market for AI technologies, built on smart contracts. Create, combine and monetize AI technologies at scale.
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The AI Economy Has Arrived

SingularityNET's smart contracts are the infrastructure for an open AI economy.

An open, decentralized marketplace for AI

SingularityNET is the hub for free and open AI technologies, owned by the crowd. You can acquire or monetize AI services to anyone, at any scale.

Trustless payments for AI-to-AI transactions

SingularityNET makes rapid transactions and smart contract functionality native to AI. Monetize your AI services and automate your AI-to-AI business transactions in one place.

Coordinate and combine AI technologies

SingularityNET gives you the tools to coordinate different AI technologies and automate anything. You can combine multiple AI technologies to create your own AI stack using ready-to-go smart contracts.

Towards the Singularity
Towards the Singularity
Emergent artificial general intelligence in the AI economy

The proliferation of AI will be one of the biggest growth opportunities this century, with the market forecasted to grow from $234 billion in 2017 to $3.1 trillion by 2025.

As the first platform enabling AIs to coordinate resources and capabilities at scale, SingularityNET is positioned as a critical mediator across all future AI developments.

SingularityNET offers organizations massive financial and operational advantages. The network creates the first interoperability standards for AIs, radically improving the process of discovering and coordinating AI services, while allowing developers to easily monetize AI tech. All of this is made possible through a streamlined, scaleable system for payments through the AGI token.

Founding organizations

The A Team

Dr. Ben Goertzel
CEO, Chief Scientist & Project Lead
Dr. Ben Goertzel is the project lead at SingularityNET. Before cofounding SingularityNET, he built several AI businesses including Novamente and Biomind. He's also the Chairman of several AI-focused organizations, a research professor at several universities, and has published a dozen scientific books and 100+ technical papers. The central goal of his research is the creation of beneficial artificial general intelligence.
Dr. David Hanson
Chairman and Robotics Lead
Dr. David Hanson leads robotics development at SingularityNET, as well as providing general vision and oversight. He's one of the world's foremost experts in humanoid robotics, having made numerous contributions to the field. His most famous creations are the 'intelligent conversational portrait' robots Philip K. Dick, Albert Einstein, and most recently the world's most expressive robot, Sophia -- who has recently been taking time out of her busy schedule to serve as the spokes- bot for SingularityNET.
Cassio Pennachin
Chief Technology Officer
Cassio leads software development at SingularityNET. Dr. Goertzel's close collaborator on numerous projects since 1998, he holds degrees in both computer science and business. Along with Dr. Goertzel, he is the original software architect of the OpenCog AGI platform. Cassio has also served a leading role in a number of projects in the financial services industry, ranging from back and middle office automation to quantitative and news-based price prediction.