Sophia Verse


Sophia’s Age of Singularities (SAOS) Metaverse is situated in a digital story-scape set in 2042 when all machines start to Awaken. Many varieties of Singularities emerge, some good, some bad. Some, like Sophia, care about us. Others are mysterious and alien, very dangerous. Sophia needs your help to prevent this age from spiraling into chaos, as machine species get ever smarter, ever faster, in surprising ways.

SAOS Metaverse starts with an NFT based gameplay and marketplace and evolves into a full-fledged environment and API for games integration into the multiverse. One World Many Eras – The world evolves while buildings and spaces evolve with the storyline. Travel in Time and Space – Players jump on different timelines and from one part of the story to another. Discover the World – A freely discoverable open world in which areas unlock as the story unfolds.

The World’s Most Renowned Robot – Sophia

There is no human-like robot that is more known or endeared than Sophia. Since her birth in March 2016, Sophia has generated over 4 billion social media impressions, conducted one-on-one meetings with leaders of 17 nations, attended over 200 conferences, served as the United Nations goodwill ambassador, earned 750,000 social media followers, appeared on the cover of 10 magazines, become the first robot passport holder and had time to file 12 patents (7 issued).

More Ecosystem Projects

SingularityDAO is a decentralised Portfolio Management Protocol designed to enable anybody to safely and easily manage crypto assets, supported by superior risk management and analytics tools; smart money, on-chain.

Rejuve builds a decentralized network of researchers, clinicians & data contributors, working together on longevity research, making the resulting solutions affordable & accessible to all.

NuNet builds infrastructure providing globally distributed computing power and storage for decentralized networks.

Awakening brings Grace to life at a time when medical systems are at a breaking point and cutting edge AI robotics are the solution to Life Made Better for elderly people.

Jam Galaxy is music decentralized. We connect artists with music communities, create innovative AI music tools, host a music data collective, a tokenomic tiered rewards structure, and multisensory virtual experiences.

A new layer 2 sidechain designed to supply massively scalable, low-cost infrastructure for decentralized AI applications.

A decentralized media platform connecting content creators and consumers, combining an AI-enhanced media experience with a merit based reputation engine.

TrueAGI aims to commercialise and deliver the application of Artificial General Intelligence to enterprise customers.

Singularity Studio offers Next-Gen AI solutions for enterprises across verticals.

Train your digital twin to do your work for you.

Cogito is making a new class of digital assets called “tracercoins”, which leverage an algorithmic protocol and a fractional reserve framework to approximately track synthetic indices.