Technology Platform

Technology Platform

SingularityNET Platform is an open and decentralized network of AI services made accessible through the Blockchain. Developers publish their services to the SingularityNET network, where they can be used by anyone with an internet connection. Developers are able to charge for the use of their services using the native AGIX token.

Services can provide inference or model training across myriad domains such as image, video, speech, text, time-series, bio-AI, and network analysis. The services can be as simple as wrapping a well-known algorithm, a complete end-to-end solution for an industry problem, or a standalone AI application. Developers can also deploy autonomous AI agents that interoperate with other services on the network.

AI Platform

AI Marketplace
AI Marketplace

The core platform performs essential functionality such as facilitating trustless and automated transactions based on our multiparty escrow, publishing new AI services and organizations on the blockchain, tracking successful API calls and defining pricing strategies. On top of the platform, the AI Marketplace offers a rich user interface that allows users to easily find, assess, and try out services registered on the platform. Most services offer a limited number of free API-calls so users can get a good impression of what the service has to offer. Beyond that users can pay for additional services directly with our native AGIX token or with fiat currency using our Paypal integration.

Each service hosted on the marketplace is represented by a profile page that offers information about the service including media gallery visuals, pricing, install & run instructions, the reputation rating and free demo options. There is a wide and growing collection of services on our marketplace, ranging from image manipulation to gene sequencing and more!

Explore Diverse AI Services

The AI Marketplace hosts a wide variety of AI services published by SNET and other organizations. Easily find what you are looking for.

Demo AI Services Free

Try it out yourself! Majority of services have free demo calls that you can try right away. Input your parameters and data and let AI process your request instantly.

Make It Your AI

Easily install & run AI services. Regardless of your tech capabilities, you can now seamlessly integrate a service to your website, app or other product via the SingularityNET AI Marketplace.

Multiple Pricing Options

Choose different pricing options based on your AI service integration needs.  You can easily pay with AGIX or fiat options with our PayPal integration.

Train Your Own AI Models

Coming Soon!  AI training will allow you to train and customize models for AI services in the way you specifically need for your integrations.

Scalable AI Services

AI Marketplace makes AI accessible for small or large scale needs.  AI is for everyone!

AI Publisher
AI Publisher

AI service providers publish and monetize your AI services onto our open decentralized AI marketplace, extending developers’ reach to obtain more customers globally.

AI publishers also get free access to advanced AI app capabilities, AI usage analytics, team management & coordination, financial management of their AI services and extensive beta testing tools.

Manage AI services in one hub

Editors and developers can easily  test, refine, and deploy AI services to the blockchain and easily distribute to multiple platforms and global regions from one interface.

Engage new AI audiences

Track usage analytics of your global consumer users to improve your AI. Increase your global exposure.

Project teams and roles

Publisher infrastructure helps AI teams work better together by unifying AI services in one hub, so developers, business managers, and other professionals can build simultaneously.

Collect AGIX Tokens

Gain AGIX tokens for all of your AI services and transfer them to your preferred wallet and team members.

AI - Domain Specific Language (DSL)

AI-DSL is a transformative component in the next phase of our platform that will enable separate narrow services to form ad-hoc workflow collaborations to fulfill more complex tasks than any single service would be capable of.

AI-DSL is an AI service that will not require a strict predefined format of inputs and outputs of the services. This will allow it to orchestrate ad-hoc workflows of fitting services to execute a requested task. Due to the growing number of services on the platform the requirements will evolve to include both functional and non-functional variables (like lowest cost, highest speed, best reliability etc.) based on our reputation system for AIs.

AGIX Token Tools

AGIX Staking
AGIX Staking

Community AGIX holders can contribute to the strength of the project through the Staking portal; by staking AGIX tokens contributors are rewarded with AGIX tokens.

Users can stake their AGIX tokens in 30 day sessions. At the end of the 30 day period users can either continue to allow their tokens to continue staking or withdraw them along with any reward earned during the staking period.

The staking portal is operational on the Ethereum blockchain, our improved staking portal on the Cardano blockchain will be released in the near future.

Earn Rewards

Earn more AGIX tokens in reward for putting your tokens to use.

Support the Platform

Take an active part in platform operations by helping fulfill AI Marketplace transactions.

Support Adoption

Staked tokens will allow ordinary everyday businesses to use the marketplace through a fiat gateway, greatly improving platform adoption.

AGIX Token Tools

SingularityNET Bridge
SingularityNET Bridge

SingularityNet Bridge allows users to transfer their tokens across supported blockchains. Currently, it supports AGIX and NTX tokens on Ethereum and Cardano.

A key aspect of the Phase Two Proposal was to allow 1-to-1 swapping of AGIX tokens across Ethereum and Cardano chains. Since then we have also launched the NTX token which exists on both Ethereum and Cardano chains. The bridge enables seamless conversion of both the AGIX and NTX tokens across these chains and was built in close collaboration with Input Output Global (IOG).

SingularityNET bridge allows anyone to move AGIX-ETH tokens from their Ethereum wallet into AGIX-ADA tokens in their Cardano wallet or vice versa (or NTX-ETH and NTX-ADA, etc). When converting tokens from Ethereum to Cardano the bridge will burn the Ethereum-based tokens in a smart contract, and an equal amount of new tokens will be minted on Cardano. When moving back from Cardano to Ethereum, the AGIX-ADA tokens will get burned and the same amount of AGIX-ETH tokens will be minted on the Ethereum side, available for the user to claim.

OpenCog Hyperon

OpenCog Hyperon will implement a complete, scalable, and open-source general artificial intelligence system based on the principles of OpenCog. It is an open-sourced platform where different AI strategies and methods such as Neuro Symbolic AI, Evolutionary Learning systems, Economic Attention Allocation, Machine Learning, and other AI approaches can collaborate based on a shared knowledge metagraph (Atomspace).

Hyperon inherits the concepts of OpenCog but is fully refactored and considerably redesigned, with a decentralized architecture ready to take full advantage of the evolving blockchain infrastructure. The end result is a design that is way faster, more scalable, more flexible, and much easier to learn and use. We believe that this upgrade to OpenCog Hyperon will have similar effects on our AI approach as the increased CPU speed and availability of large datasets have had on Machine Learning approaches in past decades.