HyperCycle is a novel layer 2 blockchain designed to provide extremely scalable low cost infrastructure for decentralized Artificial Intelligence applications and other associated software and also function as a sidechain++ to Cardano. The HyperCycle will leverage Cardano’s Hydra sidechain framework as well as SingularityNET’s Proof of Reputation consensus mechanism, and TODA’s data structures and core algorithms.


TODA – A secure communication and coordination protocol on decentralized networks. Relies on the same underlying data structures and encryption mechanisms as standard blockchain platforms, but combines these in a radically different way to enable tremendously greater scalability.

Hydra – Hydra is the algorithmic and software framework enabling the Cardano mainchain to communicate efficiently and elegantly with other blockchains. It supports implementation of what would informally be called sidechains, and also of proxies to other fully autonomous and separate blockchains.

Proof Of Reputation – PoR uses weighted liquid rank based reputations as the basis of a consensus mechanism for blockchain networks. The PoR framework uses the interaction of nodes in a network over time to determine the amount of reputation associated with each node in the network. A node’s reputation is calculated by blending together a normalized set of ratings and the corresponding reputation values of the node providing the rating at a given point in time, rather than simply the value of the direct rating given by other nodes.

Early Applications:

  • Swarm AI: Evolutionary Learning, Algorithmic Chemistry, Ensemble ML: The desire to run population-based AI methods on-chain – for instance, running a genetic algorithm with population members as onchain agents and crossover and mutation are on-chain transactions.
  • Ratings and Rewards in Online Networks
  • Decentralized payments processing, and the tokenized decentralized management of computing power done on the NuNet platform.
  • Flexibly harmonizing Public and Private Chains

The project is being led by TODA’s co-founder Toufi Saliba and SingularityNET’s CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel.

More Ecosystem Projects

SingularityDAO is a decentralised Portfolio Management Protocol designed to enable anybody to safely and easily manage crypto assets, supported by superior risk management and analytics tools; smart money, on-chain.

Rejuve builds a decentralized network of researchers, clinicians & data contributors, working together on longevity research, making the resulting solutions affordable & accessible to all.

NuNet builds infrastructure providing globally distributed computing power and storage for decentralized networks.

SophiaVERSE starts with NFT-based gameplay and marketplace and evolves into a full-fledged environment and API for games integration into the multiverse.

Awakening brings Grace to life at a time when medical systems are at a breaking point and cutting edge AI robotics are the solution to Life Made Better for elderly people.

Jam Galaxy is music decentralized. We connect artists with music communities, create innovative AI music tools, host a music data collective, a tokenomic tiered rewards structure, and multisensory virtual experiences.

A decentralized media platform connecting content creators and consumers, combining an AI-enhanced media experience with a merit based reputation engine.

TrueAGI aims to commercialise and deliver the application of Artificial General Intelligence to enterprise customers.

Singularity Studio offers Next-Gen AI solutions for enterprises across verticals.

Train your digital twin to do your work for you.

Cogito is making a new class of digital assets called “tracercoins”, which leverage an algorithmic protocol and a fractional reserve framework to approximately track synthetic indices.