Twin Protocol


TWIN Protocol is a digital twin that uses AI and machine learning to create a database and knowledge bank of departing employees, to stop corporate knowledge drain.

TWIN Protocol aims to solve some of the most crucial problems businesses face, including knowledge loss from departed employees, and engaging the right specialized skills when required.

Businesses lose millions of dollars every year in the form of departing employees, losing the knowledge in the process. TWIN protocol lets people or departed employees share their knowledge without physically being present.

Business Model

TWIN protocol relies on a simple process to train your digital TWIN

  • Users can train their TWIN by uploading a series of Q&A sessions, Emails, Web Search, Documents, Call Recordings and even Recorded Meetings.
  • TWIN protocol analyzes and catalogs the data with AI to refine it for training.
  • Users can select their digital avatars to release to their audience.

Your TWIN model can be accessed by private users either by receiving the access or in the TWIN Marketplace. Onces accessed, users interact with your digital TWIN and ask various questions. The model provides users with feedback via dynamic interactions, report outputs or by merging the information with the digital TWINs of others.

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