Research Projects & Initiatives

  • SingularityNET White Paper

    SingularityNET White Paper

    SingularityNET is a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol. Read our white paper for a better understanding of our mission.

  • Agent-Based Epidemiological Modeling

    Agent-Based Epidemiological Modeling

    We are creating a realistic agent-based simulation that includes multiple demographic strata, gathering locations, and risk and herd behaviors.

  • AI-powered Sophia

    AI-powered Sophia

    Sophia will soon be controllable by a combination of cloud services powered by SingularityNET and OpenCog technology.

  • Rejuve Project

    Rejuve Project

    A new kind of organization with a very old goal: to extend healthy human life as long as possible in a quest to radically increase the human health-span.

  • Precision Medicine

    Precision Medicine

    Applying AI to multiple biologic data types, knowledge bases, and wearable sensory data, to provide support for medical diagnoses and treatments.

  • Meta-learning Inference Control

    Meta-learning Inference Control

    Probabilistic meta-learning is a key AGI component, ultimately leading to a system that can self-optimize its behavior.

  • Reputation Systems

    Reputation Systems

    We are researching a unique approach to AI service provider reputation which can be extended into a new consensus framework: Proof of Reputation.

  • Language Learning

    Language Learning

    Advancing unsupervised language learning, teaching AI natural language from large unlabeled corpora, with encouraging preliminary results.

  • Marketplace Reputation System

    Marketplace Reputation System

    Which product, supplied by which supplier, at what price, with what delivery, best fulfills a buyer's needs?

  • Semantic Perception

    Semantic Perception

    We aim to explore neural-symbolic learning, where we couple deep neural nets with probabilistic logic inference.

  • Longevity Data Analysis

    Longevity Data Analysis

    We will apply our Biomedical Data Analysis tools to genetic data for people who lived to the age of 110 or older.

  • Diagnose & Understand Crop Diseases

    Diagnose & Understand Crop Diseases

    We will apply deep neural nets and other AI tools to diagnose crop diseases based on plant images.

  • SingularityNET Simulations

    SingularityNET Simulations

    Exploring and understanding the dynamics of the SingularityNET and evaluating potential decisions regarding network regulation and governance.

  • OfferNets


    OfferNets (Offer Networks) is a research project that aims to create an alternative to currency-based exchanges.

  • Resisting Reputation Manipulation in Marketplaces

    Resisting Reputation Manipulation in Marketplaces

    How can the average consumer wade through the overwhelming mass of data to find products that best fit his or her needs at the best price?

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