The SingularityNET Podcast

Creating an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that is benevolent towards sentient beings and moving us towards a “positive technological singularity,” has been the lifelong mission of Dr. Ben Goertzel, the CEO, and co-founder of SingularityNET. Through this podcast, we will connect our community with leading experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain and other emerging technologies.

We launched this podcast to serve as an educational platform for our community. A well-informed community will be better equipped for self-governance which is mandated by our whitepaper. The token holders of AGI will be the guiding force of SingularityNET, they will have the ability to guide the evolution of the network and will have a significant impact on the development of our project.

Latest Episodes of the SingularityNET Podcast

  1. Episode 1: AGI & The Singularity with Dr. Ben Goertzel - 07.26.2018 SingularityNET Podcast 01:03:36
  2. Episode 2: AGI & Unconditional Love - Dr. Julia Mossbridge - 05.09.2018 SingularityNET Podcast 47:43

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Our Guests
We will have conversations with thought leaders, visionaries, philosophers and leading thinkers. Our guests will share a range of opinions and have exciting stories to tell. Critically, they will help clarify the most pressing issues of the day in their respective fields to our listeners.    

Share Your Ideas for the SingularityNET Podcast
Know a guest we should have on our show? Maybe you have some questions of your own? Do you think some important issues are being ignored? SingularityNET is a community-driven project, and we encourage all of our community members to share ideas with us. You can visit our forum to get involved with the community and to make your voice heard. We look forward to listening from you.

Our Host

Arif Khan

Arif Khan is the Director of Marketing at SingularityNET working with a wonderfully dedicated team of designers, marketers and community leaders for the most ambitious Blockchain-AI project.

His prior experience includes leading product, strategic marketing and communication initiatives at Grab, South East Asia’s largest unicorn. Prior to Grab, he led market expansion for LinkedIn in South East Asia.

Originally from Singapore, Arif's deep curiosity and interest in Singularity & Consciousness led to a chance meeting with Dr. Ben Goertzel in San Francisco in October 2017. He's been an avid supporter of the project ever since and considers it a privilege to be part of the SingularityNET community.

Our Co-Host

Tim Richmond

Tim Richmond is a futurist and Singularitarian, and a member of the marketing team at SingularityNET. He is also your co-host for the SingularityNET Podcast.

He has a deep interest in theoretical physics, human longevity, philosophy and of course Artificial Intelligence.

Tim was an active member of the SingularityNET community since the Token Generation Event (TGE), and spearheaded many volunteer-led projects before being on-boarded into an official role.

He has a strong belief in humanities ability to elevate ourselves to a higher state of being and the move to foster a positive singularity.